How Bracelets should Fit (2021)

Hello Guys,

Today I'm going to talk about one of the most asked questions. 

How should a Bracelet fit on my wrist?

1 - Oversize

Most often you see people using bracelets much bigger than what it should be, thats what we call the oversize style, you can see two examples here:

*in the picture - Trunk Bracelet / Maitê Bracelet / Aruba Bracelet

Oversize bracelets are good for casual styles, use it with t-shirts, jeans, oversize hoodies, casual shirts. Just make sure that you look completely relaxed.


2 - Regular 

Bracelets just a little bit bigger than the wrist to provide comfort. Example:

men in a motocycle tying his shir with bracelets on the wrist

*In the picture: Venice Bracelet / Corvo Bracelet / Luanda Bracelet

The most common size. It's not oversize but also not tight to the wrist for those o don't want to look neither completely relaxed or formal. 


3 - Slim 

Tight to the wrist, the perfect fit. Example:

beads bracelet regular fit and white watch

*In the picture: Nicarágua Bracelet / Heritage Watch

The most formal style. You can use it with a suit, a formal clothing and even a causal slim fit style. 


The bottom line is that you should apply a style of bracelet that matches your clothing style and also that you feel comfortable. If you don't use the same clothing style everyday, you shouldn't either use the same bracelet style.

Don't forget that your attitude is also a part of your style!