The jewelry inspired by ancient Egypt is a trend in the world of jewelry fashion. These pieces contain elements from ancient Egypt, such as hieroglyphs, scarabs, the Eye of Horus, and pyramids. The jewelry inspired by ancient Egypt is timeless and sophisticated, as they showcase originality and are appreciated for their history and symbolism. In this article, we will explore the history of jewelry inspired by ancient Egypt and the meaning behind its symbols.


The story behind the jewels of ancient Egypt

The jewelry played a very important role in ancient Egyptian society, both in terms of aesthetics and symbolism. The jewelry was seen as items that possessed magical powers and had the function of protecting the wearer from evil spirits and physical dangers. Therefore, jewelry represented a gift from the gods and was buried with the deceased to accompany them in the afterlife.

The most commonly used materials in ancient Egyptian jewelry were gold, precious gemstones and colored glass. These materials were often adorned with hieroglyphs and symbols that held significant meaning in Egyptian culture.

The production of jewelry was carried out by skilled goldsmiths who worked in temples and palaces. Their work was regarded as an art form and goldsmiths were respected for the craftsmanship they demonstrated. Various tools such as hammers, pliers, chisels, and molds were used in the creation and embellishment of the jewelry.


The symbols of ancient Egyptian jewellery

The symbols used in ancient Egyptian jewelry are associated with gods, goddesses, and mythological stories. The symbols found in ancient Egyptian jewelry hold great cultural and religious importance. Below, you will find some symbols that are present in jewelry inspired by ancient Egypt and their meanings:

  1. Eye of Horus: The Eye of Horus symbol was used for protection and good luck. It represents the right eye of the sun god, Horus.

  2. Scarab: This symbol represents renewal and regeneration. It was believed that the scarab beetle pushed the sun each morning, symbolizing daily rebirth.

  3. Ankh: The Ankh symbolizes eternal life and immortality. It was often used in tombs and temples.

  4. Pyramid: The pyramid is an element present in the architecture of ancient Egypt. It represents the belief in life after death.

  5. Lotus and Papyrus: The lotus and papyrus were flowers that held symbolic representations in ancient Egypt. The lotus symbolizes renewal, birth, and resurrection. The papyrus represents fertility and prosperity.

  6. Serpent: The serpent represents protection, knowledge, and rebirth in ancient Egypt. In particular, the cobra Naja was a symbol of royal protection.


How to combine ancient Egyptian inspired jewellery with your style

Wearing jewelry inspired by ancient Egypt allows you to add a sophisticated touch to your wardrobe, regardless of your personal style. Here are some tips to help you style these pieces with your outfits:

  1. Choose key pieces: Select one or two jewelry pieces that feature Egyptian elements to make them the focal point of your look. These pieces will add an Egyptian-inspired touch to your style.

  2. Mix styles: You can combine Egyptian jewelry with other pieces from your personal style. Mixing ancient Egyptian-inspired jewelry with other styles will allow you to create a unique and original look.

  3. Create balance with clothing and colors: To highlight your ancient Egyptian-inspired jewelry, consider the colors and clothing you choose. Opt for neutral colors to give prominence to your jewelry.

  4. Pay attention to details: Look for ancient Egyptian-inspired jewelry that aligns with your personal style. If you prefer minimalist pieces, choose jewelry with delicate details. If you prefer a bolder style, opt for jewelry with elaborate and eye-catching designs.


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In summary, the ancient Egyptian inspired jewelry is a trend in the world of jewelry that carries a rich history and meaning. These pieces showcase the sophistication and craftsmanship of Egyptian artisans. If you're looking for an elegant and timeless look, the ancient Egyptian inspired jewelry can be a perfect choice for your style. 😊

Priscilla Abreu