Started on February 11, the New York Fashion Week ended today (16). Five days of shows with the best designers and fashion brands in the world. Known as a more experimental week, unlike the shows in Milan or Paris, this year the focus was on presentations between digital and hybrid, warnings for the impact the fashion industry is having on the environment, the technology of the moment (NFTs) and of course, all with strict security measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

New York Fashion Week logo


Despite the big names that were present, there were also some important absences. Tom Ford, stylist who chairs the American stylists' union (CFDA) was expected to close the event, but he declined due to the pandemic. Christopher John Rogers, elected stylist for women by the CFDA in 2021 also did not attend.

Although the event was full of themes and news, we want to highlight two specific themes that caught our attention. They are the impact that fashion is having on the environmental level (sustainability) and the appearance of the theme of the moment, the NFTs in the fashion world.

New York Fashion Week 2022


With an emphasis on sustainability, Emma Gage founded her own brand, Melke, and debuted it at New York Fashion Week. At a time when the fashion industry has been criticized for its environmental impact. She made her NYFW debut with her brand Dauphinette, a brand known for its jewelry and clothing made with real flowers, parading in a restaurant in ChinaTown.

It encourages the use of hemp, organic cotton, and recycled fabrics as less environmentally harmful materials. It also expressed a mission to purchase materials from companies committed to respecting human rights.

Dauphinette - Marca de moda sustentável


This concern and care is something we preserve in Dicci's identity.

We work to reduce our impact and integrate sustainability into our daily decision making, from product design, choice of materials, production processes and all its logistics. Since all these processes do not depend only on us, we collaborate with OCS and RCS certified suppliers as well as OCS100 AND RCS100. The OCS (Organic Content Standard) applies to all non-food products that contain between 95 and 100% organic material. While the RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) is a standard applicable in process chains for the purpose of tracking recycled raw materials. It verifies the presence and quantity of a recycled material in the final product.

In addition, we use more sustainable cotton, organic cotton and recycled or more sustainable polyester in the production of our shirts, reducing the consumption of new virgin raw materials. We also repurpose dead stock, so that nothing is wasted, everything is reused.


As for our silver jewelry pieces, we use recycled silver and also 100% renewable electric energy in our own operations.

With these precautions we reduce our environmental impact and continue to deliver high quality pieces.

Another theme that caught our attention was the introduction of NFTs in the show, since we, too, decided to enter this market.

Marrisa Wilson - Digital Fashion Week


The designer Marrisa Wilson, debuted on the catwalk of New York Fashion Week with a collection inspired by the explosion of digital spaces. A show full of graphics and prints evoking futuristic aesthetics. During her show, three NFTs hand-drawn by the designer were put on sale. In addition, 10 limited edition commemorative jackets were made available and will be associated with an exclusive collection of NFTs.

Several brands are entering the world of NFTs, or even trying a hybrid collection. For example, in New York, at the Eckhaus Latta show, the brand launched its EL10 collection in NFTs. Those who purchase, gain access to their "Web Paradise 3.0", called Club Eckhaus Latta. There, it is a members-only environment for exclusive members and owners of NFTs, where they gain invitations to restricted members-only events or future NFTs.

Dicci logo


At Dicci, we also enter the world of NFTs. An exclusive edition of two designs from this year's collection that identify with the brand's style. Not only do buyers get a unique and exclusive piece, but they also have access to:

  • Access to future events
  • Free exclusive products
  • Personalized products
  • Exclusive discount codes

The launch of this collection is scheduled for February 18, exclusively on the OpenSea platform.

February 16, 2022 — Diogo Fernandes