The Dicci X Game contest consists of awarding 100€ to the winner of the best photo of the month in which Dicci is identified.

What do you have to do?

Make a purchase at, take the best photo you can with the DICCI product and post it on your instagram identifying us! After identifying us send us a message on instagram telling us that you are competing with this post.
It's Done.

dicci summer collection the x game


1 - This contest is valid only for those who have shopped at DICCI on the website To verify this condition, the authors of the winning pictures will be asked about the order number of their order and some random data present in the final order confirmation email. It is important that you keep this information.
2 - You can participate as many times as you want, however, you can only win one contest for each order you have registered.
3 - The contest takes place on the social network Instagram and is only valid after you post the photo you want to use to compete, identify our instagram and send us a message through instagram telling us that you want to compete with that post. In the message you should forward the post or a print screen in case you have a private account.
4 - The contest occurs every month and the winner will be chosen between the 3rd and 6th day of each month, being this way contacted so he can receive the email with the coupon of 100€.
5 - The 100€ coupon is valid for one month and must be used in its entirety in a single purchase. If you do not use the entire $100 at once, the unused amount will become invalid.
Good Luck!