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¿No te imaginas salir de casa sin pensar en tu ropa? ¡Prepárese para impactar con nuestros Best Sellers! Desde el estilo casual hasta el clásico, te garantizamos que encontrarás en Dicci las joyas y prendas que se adaptan a tu estilo. Suéteres, camisetas, sudaderas, gorras, collares, cadenas, cadenas con colgantes, pulseras, relojes, anillos y pendientes. Ropa y joyería de estilo masculino para un uso unisex con personalidad. Lo importante es ser uno mismo.


Q: Is stainless steel hypoallergenic?

A: Stainless steel is known to be hypoallergenic, which means that the chances of causing an allergic reaction are a lot lower than other metals. There are different types of stainless steel and some are more hypoallergenic than others depending on it's composition. Learn more about this topic on our blog.

Q: Is stainless steel a good material for bracelets?

A: Stainless steel jewelry is a great choice for daily wear, it can have contact with cleaning products, water, sweat, perfume, and moisturizers without rusting, staining, or losing color. It is also a very strong and durable metal, which makes it scratch proof.

Q: What is 925 silver?

A: The 925 stamp on sterling silver represents the amount of silver it has in its composition (92.5%). The remaining 7.5% of metal in 925 silver is most commonly copper. If you want to learn more about 925 sterling silver check our blog.

Q: What are the advantages of adjustable rings?

A: When it comes to buying a ring either for yourself or as a gift, one of the biggest challenges is knowing the right size. Adjustable rings are beautiful, sophisticated pieces of jewellery with a premium finish just like all other jewellery. However, they have advantages that make them a special accessory, such as, being able to adjust the ring according to your preferences and play with other rings you already own to get the style you want. To learn more about the advantages of adjustable rings check our blog.