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Collares de acero inoxidable para hombre y mujer. Nos inspiramos en un estilo masculino para crear piezas únicas unisex. ¿Dorado o plateado? Tenemos ambos estilos. Sólo tienes que elegir la cadena y el colgante que mejor se adapten a ti. Compra online y recibe en casa.


Q: Can stainless steel necklaces go in the water?

A: Stainless steel necklaces are known for being durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to care for, therefore, you can wear them when you go for a swim or taking a shower. If you want to learn more about stainless steel durability and resistance, check our blog.


Q: How to choose the right necklace for your neck

A: Choosing the right necklace can be difficult, but the key to finding the perfect necklace is knowing your neck shape, follow our tips and our size guide to find the perfect size for you.


Q: Can I wear multiple necklaces at once?

A: Yes, you can wear multiple necklaces at once, in fact that's a great way of expressing your style and personality, but it's important to make sure they don't tangle or clash with each other. A good rule of thumb is to vary the lengths of the necklaces and choose complementary styles and materials.


Q: Is stainless steel a good option for jewelry?

A: Yes, stainless steel is a great option for jewelry, especially for daily use, here are 10 benefits of using stainless steel.