Giving someone a present is difficult because our gift can sometimes be linked to how important the person is to us and also reveals how well we know the person we are giving it to. However, we've given it some thought and come up with some solutions that will make you look good in the photo. We also have different ideas for different types of budgets.

We'll start with the lowest budget and work our way up to the most generous.

1 - A poem and a piece of fashion jewelry (up to 20€)

Show your love and your good taste. Your love in a poem and your good taste in a jewel.

There are lots of options up to €20, from bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, you can't go wrong with this one.

poem declarationmilano braceletflat top ring goldenstainless steel necklace

Stainless Steel Bracelet - 18€

Golden Ring - 19€

Steel Necklace -19.9€

Poem - Free

2 - A book is always a good idea if you know the gifted person interests! (up to €20)

3 - Underwear (up to 30€)

This is always a good choice. Many people don't put much effort into renewing their underwear collection. If you know one of these people, our advice is to renew it yourself.

Tricolor boxer pack.                   black boxer

Logo Boxer Pack - 29,9€

Logo Boxer - 12,9€

4 - A commitment ring (up to 50€)

Rings are often associated with commitment in relationships due to their cyclical and eternal nature. Did you know that Christmas is the most popular time to propose? Even more so than Valentine's Day.

Since Christmas is such a sentimental time of year, proposing is the perfect way to bring it all together. So creating a romantic memory during a season with already significant traditions makes December an even more magical time to remember and celebrate a milestone each year.

Even if the commitment isn't marriage, you can still commit to your love and a ring is the perfect way to do it.
saturn ring steel  portofino silver ringlabradorite ring

5 - A meaningful piece of jewelry (up to 60€)

Perhaps the person being gifted is at a stage where they need good luck or perhaps they are struggling with something in their life. In this case, a meaningful gift will show that you are in tune with them and will also bring them luck and positive thinking.

We have lots of options for you to enjoy:

do carmo necklace   onyx stone necklace   mykonos thin necklace

Do Carmo Necklace - 48€

Onyx Necklace - 83€

Mykonos Necklace - 30€

6 - Clothes (up to 60€)

If you know this person's style, this is the ideal gift. People tend to appreciate gifts of clothing.

beige hoodie dicci flamingo sweatshirt dicci grey logo sweatshirt dicci

Beige Hoodie - 49€

Surfin Flaming Sweatshirt - 59€

Grey Sweatshirt - 48€

7 - A precious metal (up to 120€)

It's always a safe choice, everyone likes precious metals, even for those who don't wear them that often, they appreciate over time.

Snake Bracelet 925 silver cuban chain bracelet Ouroborus silver necklace snake necklace

Snake Bracelet - 55€

Cuban Bracelet - 55€

Ouroboros Necklace - 76€

Snake Chain Necklace - 120€

8 - Sneakers 

Everyone loves sneakers. InsideBox is a multi-brand store with a lot of options for every tastes and with a good range of prices. Checkout their sneakers for man or sneakers for woman. They have thousands of products and with this variety you can't go wrong.

new balance.                lacoste sapatilhas insidebox

9 - A watch (up to 139€)

Time never stops and a watch is also a statement for people to value the time they have left.

heritage watch.                  Chronometer golden

Heritage Black - 139€

Chronometer Golden - 65€

10 - Offer a complete Jewelry set (until 300€)

Offer a whole set of special pieces. There's no way the person won't be completely charmed, especially if you know his/her tastes and choose the right pieces.


11 - Offer a trip (more than 300€)

If not a timeless item, then a timeless memory! Almost everyone love to travel (specially in good company), there is no chance this person won't appreciate a trip. Snow, city, or beach? Maybe some exploring.

Catarina Azevedo