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Q: How to know if my watch is water resistant?

A: Most watches come with information about their water resistance, which is usually indicated by a number on the back of the watch or in the instruction manual. Check our blog to learn more about watches' water resistance.

Q: What is a chronometer watch?

A: A chronometer watch is a high-precision timepiece. They are highly valued by watch collectors and enthusiasts, and are used in situations where it's important to measure time accurately. If you're looking for a precise and reliable watch, a chronometer watch is a great option. Learn more about chronometer watches on our blog.

Q: What is the difference between quartz and automatic watches?

A: Quartz and automatic watches are two popular types of watches that differ in many aspects. Although both are used for timekeeping, they are powered differently and offer different levels of accuracy, durability, convenience, and price. Learn more about these differences as well as their advantages and disadvantages on our blog.