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Can't imagine leaving home without your accessories? Get ready to make an impact with our collection of necklaces for men and women. From casual to classic, we guarantee you'll find the necklace that suits your style. 925 sterling silver chains without pendants and stainless steel chains with a masculine style for unisex wear with a personality all of its own. Whether you choose to wear a necklace or a chain without pendant, wear only one or match several, the most important thing is to be yourself!


Q: Can stainless steel necklaces go in the water?

A: Stainless steel necklaces are highly resistant to oxidation, which makes them ideal for use in water. This is because stainless steel contains a small amount of chromium, which reacts with the oxygen in the air to form a thin layer of chromium oxide on the surface of the metal. This layer is highly resistant to corrosion and protects the stainless steel against water and other liquids. Therefore, stainless steel necklaces are suitable to use in swimming pools and at the beach.

Q: How to choose the right necklace size for me?

A: When choosing a necklace there are a few things you should take into consideration, such as your neck shape and the right lenght. Follow our blog post about it and our necklace size guide.

Q: How to wear necklaces for guys?

A: Men have worn necklaces for thousands of years. However, the term "men's jewelry" has a stigma attached to it due to the limited offerings on the market. Wearing necklaces for men is a great way to add some personal style and flair to an outfit. Follow our blog for some tips on how to wear necklaces for men.

Q: Can I add pendants to my chain necklace?

A: Yes, you can typically add pendants to a chain necklace. Depending on the type of chain you have, there may be different ways to attach the pendant. For example, some chains may have a small loop at the bottom of the chain where you can attach a pendant with a jump ring or a bail. Other chains may require a different type of attachment method, such as sliding the pendant onto the chain or using a clasp.