For believers and jewelry lovers. Scapulars for man and woman made with stainless steel and 925 silver. Scapulars are religious accessories with a deep meaning and a sense of belief attached. Find the one you relate with the most. We also have options without engravings, just the shape of the scapular.


Q: What is the meaning of scapulars?

A: Scapulars are small objects consisting of two parts connected by a chain or ribbon. They are usually made of cloth, leather or metal and usually have religious images, such as the Virgin Mary, saints or crosses, embroidered or engraved on them. Over the centuries, scapulars have evolved to include different types of designs and materials, but their purpose as symbols of devotion and protection remains the same. In addition to their spiritual significance, wearing scapulars can also be a way to connect with other people. 

Q: What is the history of scapulars?

A: The history of Scapulars dates back to the 13th century, when the Catholic Church began using them as symbols of devotion to Our Lady. According to tradition, Our Lady appeared to Saint Simon, a Carmelite friar, in 1251 and gave him a Scapular as a symbol of protection and blessing. From then on, Scapulars began to be worn as symbols of faith and protection, and their popularity increased over the centuries. Learn more about the history and meaning  of scapular on our blog.

Q: How to clean and care for silver?

A: To take care of your silver jewelry, you should avoid exposing it to chemicals or moisture, store it in a dry place, and polish it with a soft cloth periodically to remove tarnish. For more information on the care and cleaning of silver, follow our silver care guide and cleaning tips on the blog.