The creation of content and brand affiliation has become one of the most popular ways to make money and build a career. If you are interested in becoming a content creator or brand affiliate, here are some tips that may help.


Throughout this article, you will learn everything you need to know to become a content creator and what you can do to improve your performance if you already are one, and consequently, get closer to achieving your goals. In this way, we will address the following topics:

  1. What should you do?
  2. What shouldn´t you do?
  3. What should you improve if you are already a content creator?
  4. How should you plan your week?
  5. How to earn money?
  6. How do you measure your success?
  7. How to become a content creator or affiliate at Dicci?



        1. What should you do?

        To become a successful content creator or affiliate, it's important to understand your target audience, create authentic and engaging content, be consistent in publishing content, and experiment with different content formats. Additionally, finding a platform to connect with other brands and creators can help boost your online presence:


        • Create a personal brand: It's time to create your personal brand. This includes defining your voice and tone and creating a consistent presence across all your social media platforms;
        • Choose your platforms: The next step is to choose the platforms that best suit your content and target audience. Some popular options include blogs, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter;
        • Create consistent and quality content: The key to becoming a successful content creator or affiliate is to create consistent and quality content. This involves planning and producing content regularly and ensuring it's relevant and useful for your target audience.It's true that as a beginner content creator, you may need to do some unpaid work, especially if you're looking to build your portfolio or build a following. However, it's important to understand that making money as a content creator takes time, but that doesn't mean you should work for free forever;
        • Know your audience: It's important to know your target audience and their interests. This helps create content that resonates with them and build a loyal community.



        2. What shouldn't you do?

        There are also some things that you should avoid at all costs. In this blog, we will also discuss what a content creator shouldn't do:


        • Don't create weak content: The content has to be of quality and you have to present something unique and of value to your followers. If you create content just for the sake of creating, you will lose quality and credibility, and your followers will notice;
        • Don't ignore your followers: Your followers are the reason why you are creating content. Don´t ignore their comments or messages, and try to interact with them whenever possible;
        • Don't be inconsistent: Your followers expect you to publish content regularly, and if you don't do that, they may lose interest in your content. Create a consistent publishing schedule and stick to it;
        • Don't be insincere: Don't promote products or services that you don't identify with or that aren't relevant to your audience. Credibility is important for your reputation;
        • Don't publish inappropriate content: Make sure that your content is appropriate for your audience. Avoid offensive, prejudiced, or inappropriate content, as the content you create is forever associated with you, and this can be very detrimental to your reputation in the future;
        • Don't lose your authenticity: It's important to be authentic and genuine with your followers. Don't try to be someone you aren't and maintain your unique personality;

        • Don't just aim to work with big brands: There's a tendency to want to associate yourself with well-known brands right away. However, you should consider working with emerging brands, which are brands that are growing and can offer more long-term benefits, especially in your area of expertise. These benefits can include discovering a new brand that you strongly identify with and becoming a leader in your niche. Additionally, working with emerging brands can give you something that nobody else has, which can make you unique and original;

        • Don't copy content: Make sure to create your own original content and do not copy the work of others. When you copy content, you are not bringing anything new and you miss the opportunity to express your own perspective and offer something unique. You can use other content as a basis, but you should develop it and make it even better. You are capable of bringing your own voice, personality, and style to the content you create. This can make your content more interesting and engaging for your audience;
        • Don't create content just for the sake of making money: It's tempting to create content just for the purpose of making money, but this can harm your credibility. Make sure your content is valuable and relevant to your audience;

        • Never deceive a brand: Don't lie about what you intend to do as part of a partnership; if you commit to something, you need to follow through;

        • Don't limit yourself to just fulfilling requirements: If you have a monthly partnership, try your best to help the brand make as much money as possible, as they may increase the monthly compensation you receive. Make each partnership unique;

        • Don't ignore trends: Stay updated with current trends and events. This can help keep your content relevant and interesting to your followers. It's important to show your followers that you keep up with the latest trends and advancements;

        • Don't give up: Creating content can be challenging and time-consuming, but don't give up. Make each partnership unique and continue to work on and improve your content, and your followers will notice.


        3. What should you improve if you are already a content creator?

        Are you in a more advanced content creation phase and looking to get closer to achieving your goals? Here are several tips to help you improve your performance as a content creator:


        • Connect with influencers from other niches: Collaborating with other influencers can help expand the reach of your content and attract new audiences. This can include partnerships to create content together, or simply mutual recommendations of each other's content, such as asking them to share your posts;
        • Create high-quality content for brands: By creating authentic, relevant, and high-quality content that adds value to the audience and aligns with a brand's message, you may have the opportunity to appear in the brand's tag. Using the brand's hashtags in your posts can also increase the likelihood of the brand finding your content. Creating extremely good content for brands is a way to expand your network of contacts and increase your opportunities for work as a content creator;
        • Create playlists of music and phrases: Creating playlists of music and phrases is a great idea for content creators as it saves time and helps maintain quality. When it comes to music playlists, it's important to consider the theme and tone of the content you're creating. As for phrase playlists, they can be used as sources of inspiration for titles, subtitles, descriptions, or even quotes for your videos, articles, or social media posts. Trello is an example of some of the tools available to organize these lists;
        • Create an online course: Creating an online course is an opportunity to share your knowledge and skills, as well as earn money. It is important to choose a relevant topic, create a plan, and invest in quality equipment. Choosing the right online teaching platform is crucial, as well as promoting the course on social media and other platforms;
        • Attend social events: Attending social events can increase the visibility of your work and offer networking opportunities with other content creators and brands. In addition, being present at social events can lead to future collaborations and the creation of new content.





        4. How should you plan your week?

        Now that you know what you should and shouldn't do, it's important to understand that you need to plan your week in order to achieve better success in creating your content. Planning is essential to becoming an effective and consistent content creator. Here are some tips to help you plan your week as a content creator:

        • Set realistic goals: Before you start planning your week, set realistic goals for what you want to achieve. This may include the amount of content you want to create, the platforms you want to use, or engagement goals you want to reach;
        • Create a calendar: A calendar is an important tool to help you plan and organize your content, as well as maintain consistency and quality in production. You need to try to predict as many variables as possible, taking into account important factors such as weather, necessary materials, the content you will create, availability of locations for recording or producing content, availability of necessary equipment and materials, relevant trends and themes at the time, important dates. The calendar helps maintain focus and productivity in content production;

        • Plan your calendar: It's important to set aside a day to plan the content that will be created, including defining the topics, titles, and formats. This step helps ensure that the created content is aligned with the content creator's strategy and is relevant to their audience. It's important to reserve two days to create the content, ensuring that it's of high quality and meets the goals defined in the planning stage. Investing time in creating engaging and high-quality content is crucial, as it can increase audience engagement and attract new followers. After creating the content, it's important to reserve a day to schedule it for publication. This helps ensure that the content is consistently published and that followers know when to expect new content;

        • Analyze the competition: To succeed as a content creator, it is important to analyze the competition and manage your business efficiently. This involves understanding what other creators are doing in your niche, setting clear goals and monitoring results, setting appropriate prices, and building a network of professional contacts.



        5. How to earn money?

        Earning money as a content creator is a long and complicated process, but you will certainly be rewarded if you maintain quality and consistency in your work. In this article, we present some of the most common ways:

        • Firstly, the person should prioritize partnering with brands, but not just for the money. You should focus first on creating an identity and building your audience;
        • Once you've established your identity and audience, you can earn money through commissions from sales made through a link, or through a monthly fee when partnering with the brand;
        • Selling content creation to brands that will be published on their own platforms: This is an opportunity to earn money and increase your visibility. This practice can lead to recurring opportunities and future collaborations;
        • Create a podcast on YouTube: This is an opportunity to increase your presence on the platform and earn money through views. It's important to choose a relevant topic, invest in quality equipment, and promote it widely on social media. You can seek sponsorships or partnerships with brands aligned with the podcast's theme to earn money;
        • You can sell photos you already have, especially design photos: This is a way to earn money and increase your visibility as a content creator. It's important to invest in quality equipment, follow the quality and style guidelines of photo selling platforms, choose a specific niche, and create a cohesive portfolio that reflects your photography style and skills. Online platforms like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Getty Images allow you to sell your photos, while it's also possible to sell photos directly to brands;
        • Publish an e-book: This is an opportunity for you to expand your reach and make money by selling your content. To get started, it's important to define the topic and target audience, create high-quality content, and publish it on online selling platforms. This can help you establish your authority on a particular subject and attract new followers and readers to your other content;

        • Sell video and photo editing services: This is an opportunity to make money by using your technical editing skills. You can promote your services on social media and seek partnerships with other creators. It's important to set clear expectations with clients, deliver quality work, and be open to feedback;

        • If you have your own blog, you can make money for each blog post through backlinks. Additionally, you can sell stories to brands, which is an opportunity to earn money and increase your visibility. It's important that the stories align with the brand's identity and values and that you establish a trusting relationship with the company;

        • You can make money by joining a brand and promoting it every month as part of a monthly partnership;

        • You can also resell products from previous partnerships that you no longer use and make money from them.


        6. How do you measure your success?

        Now, how will you know and understand if the content you are creating is of high quality and if you are successful? It is important to analyze the reactions and interactions with your content to understand what content your followers like and what content they don't like. Therefore, there are some specific tools that can be useful in helping you grow and manage your partnerships with brands:

        • Affiliate management platforms: If you are an affiliate of brands, you can use platforms such as Awin, ShareASale, and CJ Affiliate to connect with various brands and promote your products. These platforms allow you to track your performance and earnings, as well as manage all your affiliate campaigns in one place;
        • Google Analytics: As a content creator, you can use Google Analytics to better understand your audience and how they interact with your content. By understanding demographic data, most visited pages, and time spent on each page, you can optimize your content strategy to increase engagement and audience growth;
        • Social media analysis tools: As a content creator, you probably have accounts on various social media platforms. Tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Buffer can help you manage all your accounts in one place, schedule posts, and analyze performance on each platform;
        • Photo and video editing tools: To stand out as a content creator, it is important to have visually appealing and high-quality content. Tools like Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro, or free options like Canva and Lightroom, can help you edit photos and videos to make them more attractive and professional;
        • Keyword analysis tools: As a content creator, it is important to understand which keywords are most popular in your area of expertise. Tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner and SEMRush can help you find relevant keywords and optimize your content for SEO. 

        7. How to become a content creator or affiliate at Dicci?

        If you're interested in becoming an affiliate with Dicci, a global community that connects influencers, here are some steps you can follow to get started:

        1. Visit the Dicci website: The first step to becoming an affiliate with Dicci is to visit the company's official website. There, you can find information about the company, its services, and how to become an affiliate.
        2. Learn about the Dicci Circle Community: The Dicci Circle Community is an exclusive platform of Dicci that connects influencers for creative collaborations. This is where you can sign up to become an affiliate with Dicci.

        3. Sign up for the Dicci Circle Community: To sign up for the Dicci Circle Community, click "Sign Up Now" on the website and fill out the registration form with your personal and contact information. Be sure to include links to your social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, so that Dicci can evaluate your influencer profile.

        4. Wait for approval: After submitting your application, wait for approval from Dicci. The company will review your profile and social media platforms to determine if you're a good fit for the Dicci Circle Community. If you're approved, you'll receive an email with more information on how to become an affiliate.

        5. Create your profile on the Dicci Circle Community: Once your application is approved, you can create your profile on the Dicci Circle Community. Be sure to include detailed information about your skills and target audience. This will help them learn more about you and understand which projects you can be involved in that match your profile.

        6. Enjoy the benefits of collaboration:

        • Initial offer on products to promote in stories and posts;
        • A link and 10% discount code that you can use when promoting the brand; 
        • 45 days of cookies (if someone clicks on your link today and makes a purchase within the next 45 days, it will be associated with you);
        • Commissions on sales made through your link (Pay via PayPal).




        In summary, becoming a content creator or affiliate can be a rewarding career, but it requires dedication and hard work. To succeed, it's important to create high-quality and authentic content, build an engaged audience, and seek out collaboration opportunities with brands. Additionally, it's essential to analyze the competition and manage the business efficiently, setting clear goals and monitoring results. With the right approach and a commitment to excellence, content creators and affiliates can achieve success and build a successful career. Good luck!😊

        André Braga