Choosing the right necklace can be difficult, but the key to finding the perfect necklace is knowing your neck shape. Here are some tips to help you choose the right necklace for your neck shape:

  1. Short neck: If you have a short neck, opt for shorter necklaces that are not too bulky. Avoid long necklaces that may look disproportionate.
  2. Long neck: If you have a long neck, you can afford to wear long, chunky necklaces. Long necklaces will further enhance the length of your neck.
  3. Wide neck: If you have a wide neck, avoid necklaces that are too thin and can look disproportionate. Opt for wider, chunkier necklaces to balance out the width of your neck.
  4. Thin neck: If you have a thin neck, opt for thin, delicate necklaces that complement your neck without overwhelming it.

Remember that choosing the right necklace also depends on your personal style and the type of clothes you intend to wear with it. Choose the necklace that best reflects your personality and that is comfortable for you to wear.

If you are interested in expanding your necklace collection, here are some options that Dicci has to offer you:

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In conclusion, when choosing the perfect necklace for your neck shape, consider length, width and style. By following these tips, you are sure to find the necklace that best suits your neck and your personal style.

Raquel Couto