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Esiste un colore come l'argento 925? Scommettiamo che anche voi, come noi, siete dipendenti dall'argento 925. Siete alla ricerca di anelli in argento 925 di alta qualità e di lunga durata per uomo e donna? Magari anelli per una coppia? Abbiamo un'ampia collezione con diversi design, eleganti e senza tempo, che faranno risaltare le vostre dita. Create la vostra nuova combinazione o impilate i vostri nuovi anelli per farvi notare. Inoltre, avete 100 giorni di tempo per cambiare se non riuscite a trovare la misura giusta al primo tentativo.


Q: What is 925 silver?

A: The 925 stamp on sterling silver represents the amount of silver it has in its composition (92.5%). The remaining 7.5% of metal in 925 silver is most commonly copper. If you want to learn more about 925 sterling silver check our blog.

Q: How to stack rings?

A: Staking rings the correct way is key to achieve a statement and irreverent look and it’s a great way of self-expression. If you want to start stacking your rings but are not sure where to start, you have come to the right place. There are no specific rules, and you should always wear what you like but here are some tips you can follow to achieve a balanced look.

Q: How to know the right ring size for my fingers?

A: Buying a ring online that fits you perfectly seems like a challenging task. The ring needs to be tight enough to not fall off, yet it needs to be handily enough to slip over the knuckles of your finger. To find the right ring size for your finger you can follow our size guide or check our guide on our blog.

Q: What are the advantages of adjustable rings?

A: When it comes to buying a ring either for yourself or as a gift, one of the biggest challenges is knowing the right size. Adjustable rings are beautiful, sophisticated pieces of jewellery with a premium finish just like all other jewellery. However, they have advantages that make them a special accessory, such as, being able to adjust the ring according to your preferences and play with other rings you already own to get the style you want. To learn more about the advantages of adjustable rings check our blog.

Q: How to take care of silver rings?

A: To take care of your silver ring, you should avoid exposing it to chemicals or moisture, store it in a dry place, and polish it with a soft cloth periodically to remove tarnish. For more information, follow our silver care guide.