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Acquista t-shirt e felpe per uomo e donna online su Dicci. Migliorate il vostro stile aggiungendo al vostro guardaroba magliette basic, con logo, ricamate o stampate, slim fit o oversize in 100% cotone. Abbiamo un'ampia gamma di taglie, colori e stili di magliette unisex. Siete indecisi se scegliere tra una t-shirt a tinta unita o a fantasia? Scegliete quella che meglio riflette la vostra personalità.



Q: Which material is best? Cotton or polyester?

A: Cotton and polyester are two widely used materials in the textile industry. Although both can be used to create durable and comfortable fabrics, they have significant differences in terms of origin, performance, and environmental impact. Learn more about this two materials on our blog post.

Q: How should I care for my T-shirts?

A: The care instructions for T-shirts will vary depending on the material and be sure to read the care label before washing and avoid using bleach or fabric softener, as these can damage the fabric. For more information on how to care for our cotton T-shirts, follow our care guide.

Q: What materials do you use to make your t-shirts and where are they produced?

A: All our T-shirts are made of 100% cotton and are made in Portugal.

Q: What sizes do you offer for your t-shirts?

A: We offer a range of sizes for our t-shirts, typically from S to XXL. However, the specific size range may vary depending on the design and style of the shirt. Follow our size guide to know which is the right size for you.