Silver plated products are products made of other metals, such as copper, with a 5 micron silver plating.
Plated jewelry will eventually fade or lose color due to natural wear. The duration of the plating depends on factors such as how often the product is used and how it is treated. We have customers who claim 4 years of good condition without fading and customers who claim only 1 year, so it depends on how careful you are with your jewelry.
Our advice
-Clean with specialized cleaning products.
-Store in your Dicci box, separate from other items.
-Avoid contact with chemicals such as household cleaners, perfumes, moisturizers, etc.
-Avoid getting the product wet and dry it thoroughly if it comes into contact with water.
-Keep in mind that we are not responsible for a silver plated product fading the silver color. Therefore, it is up to you to keep your jewelry safe.


Our adjustable jewelry items are left open so they can be opened or closed to fit. Silver is a very soft metal so when doing this be very gentle and avoid repeating too often as the material will wear down and may crack / break.