The dillema that comes up when we talk about gold and silver jewelry is always if we should mix them or not. At DICCI, we encourage you to mix and match your pieces and express yourself and your style through jewelry, whateaver the pieces may be. 

But, we also recognize that a lot of people like to keep it more traditional and only wear either silver or gold, even if they have twenty pieces of jewelry on. The concept of mixing and matching the two colors is somewhat recent and some people are still not sold. It is all about confidence and if you feel confident wearing both colors, you should. But if you don't, you shouldn't feel left out either. It's all about styling the pieces that make you feel good.

You can always combine your pieces and for a cleaner yet bold look, having one that is both gold and silver is essencial. This centerpice is going to give your look the opportunity for other accessories to be added, them being silver or gold. When layering multiple pieces, creating a focal point, or using a statement jewelry piece is the easiest way to make it all work.

We have the perfect example of what could be this key piece that ties everything together for you to take a look:

- St. Benedict's Two Tone Necklace. A timeless necklace you can pair with any other piece you want. The silver chain with the gold deitails add the best look to any of your outfits and you can always mix and match with any other of our items.


 - El Dorado Bracelet. A bracelet with both silver and gold chain and a simple yet beautiful detail. This is the bracelet to wear if you want to mix and match your metals. Perfect for the summer while giving you an interesting pop of color in the winter.



Another important factor to consider when wearing gold and silver jewelry is having this focal point. Having one part of your body where you concentrate your pieces is important and can give you a cleaner look. For example, betting on the neck part and keeping it more simple on your ears and wrists can be the best way to keep it interesting but not very crowded. If you don't have a piece that is both gold and silver, stacking different necklaces of the two colors is your most fashionable option. 


Also a very relevant thing to consier is your skin tone. People with warmer skin tones look better with gold jewellery and cooler toned people tend to look better with silver. This doesn't mean that the opposite doesn't happen, it's just the general ''rule''. Mixing both can in a way, complement your skin tone and actually brighten it while in another way give another look to your skin and make everything more interesting with the contrast of metals.



To finish off, we are here to tell you that you absolutely CAN wear gold and silver jewelry. Think of it as a fashion statement and we will help you with inventory ;)

Moisés Teixeira