The trend of nautical bracelets started in the 2000s and quickly became a popular accessory. It is considered a laid-back and casual accessory that can be worn during the summer, but also throughout the year. These are accessories that can be used by men and women.



The Nautical bracelets were originally created as an accessory worn by the sailors at sea to remind them of their homes. In other words, these bracelets were a way for sailors to remember their families while on long journeys at sea. At the time, the bracelets were made of marine ropes that were braided in a variety of patterns and designs and only later were they placed on the sailors wrists. Over time, the nautical bracelets ceased to be an exclusive accessory for sailors and became popular worldwide as a casual and relaxed fashion accessory.


How to use?

The nautical bracelets are a trend in the fashion world and can make your look appear more unique and elaborate. In this article, we will give you some tips that will help you to combine your nautical bracelets:


    1. Wearing multiple bracelets;
    2. Wear with casual clothes;
    3. Match with other accessories;
    4. Match with other nautical pieces;
    5. Choose the right colors;
    6. Wear clothes with striped pattern.


1. Wearing multiple bracelets

Usually, the nautical bracelets are a discreet and simple accessory, so you can combine them with other bracelets. You should use bracelets with different materials and colors in order to achieve an intriguing look.


2. Wear with casual clothes

The nautical bracelets are an accessory that goes well with casual clothing and can be worn on a beach day, weekend, or even a workday. You can combine your bracelets with pieces such as shorts, shirts, jeans, skirts, and other clothes that help create a simple and relaxed look.


3. Match with other accessories

To create a more sophisticated look, you can combine your nautical bracelets with other accessories. At Dicci we offer you a wide choice of accessories, such as rings, necklaces, and earrings, in order to achieve a more elegant appearance.


4. Match with other nautical pieces

You can also combine your nautical bracelets with other elements related to the theme. This will allow you to achieve a complete nautical look, but you should be careful with the combinations you make so as not to overdo it. The suggestion is to use elements related to the nautical theme, such as beach bags, straw hats, and others.


5. Choose the right colors

Usually, nautical bracelets are made in colors such as green, blue, black, and white. Therefore, you should match your bracelets with your clothes, which can be neutral or even bright colors, in order to create a vibrant and elegant appearance.


6. Wear clothes with striped pattern

Another suggestion is to combine your nautical bracelets with clothes that have a striped pattern. This creates a timeless and classic look, and the pattern should have blue and white as its colors.


 At Dicci, you can find a variety of nautical bracelets and acessories that you can combine with them. We've compiled some suggestions that you won't want to miss:







In summary, the combinations of your nautical bracelets depend a lot on the occasion and your personal style. To get a good combination, you should try out different combinations until you find the one that best suits you. 😊


Priscilla Abreu