When we buy a natural stone bracelet, it is important to understand that natural stones need to be energized, as their properties can destabilize over time. In this article, we will present some tips on how to energize your stones:



It is best to use morning light, which is not too strong and poses less risk of damaging the stones. For stones that can withstand the sun, it is best to leave them out for a few hours.

Crystals that cannot be exposed to the sun: amethyst, fluorite, lapis lazuli, turquoise, citrine, malachite, rose or green quartz, and tourmaline.



The moon, despite having a more delicate energy, is also great for energizing stones. It is best to leave them out overnight during full or waxing moon periods. Recommended for stones that cannot be exposed to the sun.



Place the stones on the ground or buried for at least 24 hours. It is important that the location has vegetation around it. Then simply do a physical cleaning to remove dirt from the stones. Ideal for when stones cannot be exposed to the sun or when there is not much sunlight or moonlight in the house.



Just as incense can be used to clean your stones, it can also energize them. So, use the same procedure, smoke the incense so that it reaches all sides of the stone. Use incense that you like and that brings good energy to you.


Other Crystals:

Just as there are crystals that clean your stones, we also have those that energize them. This method is only for when you have energized stones. The stones that can be used are citrine, garnet, and selenite. Leave them in contact for some time.


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In summary, there are various ways to energize your stones, from using the sun, moon, earth, incense, and other crystals, so you should choose the method that best suits the properties of your stones. Remember that energizing the stones is important, but don't forget to first clean your natural stones, so you can eliminate all negative energies from them.

André Braga