With the arrival of summer, we begin to look for the best accessories and new trends that promise to transform the way we prepare for this season full of light, warmth and life.

That is why we decided to release a new collection called "La Vita Serena", which conveys everything we hope for this summer: a calm and serene life. For this year's accessory trends, natural elements stand out.

Among the main trends, charms necklaces are an accessory that has gained great prominence, reflecting a personal aesthetic that allows users to express their individuality through unique and symbolic pendants. The name "La Vita Serena", translated from Italian, means"the serene life". This is the main concept of this new collection, inspired by the search for peace, harmony and happiness, which many of us desire and thrive in our daily lives. It is a collection that seeks to reproduce these feelings through pieces that celebrate the beauty of nature and calm and serenity.

  •  Charm Necklaces: A symbol of luck and positivity

One of the novelties that we bring to this new collection," La Vita Serena", is, as we mentioned earlier, the charms necklace. This is a trend that continues to grow, as this type of necklace is a great way to add personality to any outfit.

Chain necklaces are ideal for everyday wear and you will not fail to stand out while maintaining simplicity. Each pendant adds a unique and special meaning.

The Fortunato Necklace, with 5 different pendants, is more than a simple accessory, it is a symbol of luck and positivity, designed to accompany you on your journey.


  • Natural Stones: The Natural Essence in Every Piece

In "La Vita Serena" we also highlight the use of some natural stones, a trend that has been growing, and has been marked by the use of accessories that contain various combinations of natural stones, which reflect the intrinsic beauty of nature and the power of natural energies. 

The natural stones in this collection have been carefully chosen so that they are not only visually beautiful, but also have meanings and properties that are valued by many. 

Here is an example of one of the necklaces, the Nautilus Stone Necklace.



This collection offers a wide range of accessories, from bracelets to rings, which will be available from July 5, in various designs and different materials, from the most minimalist and quiet to the most daring, with the intention of bringing an option for all tastes and occasions this summer. 



Get ready to embrace this summer's new collection, "La Vita Serena", which promises to delight and inspire. Discover our new collection on the Dicci website! 

Francisca Figueiredo