A natural stone is a mineral or rock that, properly cut, can be made into jewelry or collectibles. Natural stones have always been considered symbols of the energy and powers of nature. Besides their natural beauty, they have always been used for physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

  • Agate
Agate is known to be a multi-colored stone, each with different properties and elements. It is used in holistic therapies to aid emotional acceptance and physical balance. Agates invoke protection, friendship, justice, and vitality. In addition to representing the planet mercury (the first planet in the solar system), these stones signify courage, longevity, healing, and protection.

Hematite is a mineral common in regions with hot springs or hot springs. This stone is usually black or gray, but there are also reddish stones due to the high iron content in its composition. This stone signifies healing and renewal. It acts as a source of longevity and strength, and prevents problems caused by anxiety and stress.

Jasper is a smooth natural stone with a mottled, black-striped appearance, and can come in four colors: red, green, yellow, and earth tones. This stone symbolizes connection to the earth and guarantees stability, practicality, and strength.

  • Lapis Lazuli
    In ancient times it was seen as a source of divine strength. The Egyptians considered it a heavenly crystal, because of its blue coloration, they believed that angels had sent this stone. Lapis lazuli is the stone of peace. It relieves stress and promotes serenity. This stone invokes confidence and security.

    It is a stone with intense colors in earth tones, black and yellow, in the form of merging lines. As such, it matches the energy of the earth and the sun, and is a protective amulet. It is known to represent intelligence and courage.

    Coming from the most diverse places in the world, this stone exists in various colors. Onyx is the stone of personal power, wards off negative thoughts, and improves the quality of sleep. 
Known for bringing tranquility, decreasing anxiety and fear, and increasing confidence.

    The pearl is considered a lunar symbol connected with water and women. The notion of a pearl hidden in the shell is invoked in its symbolism because acquiring it requires effort, such as that required for truth or knowledge. It is considered the stone of love, protection and luck, attraction and sensuality.

    • Volcanic Lava
    This stone stands out for its opaque black color and irregular surface with holes. It arises from the lava expelled by volcanoes that reaches the sea, eventually becoming hardened by cooling from exposure to water. It represents protection, because it keeps negative energies away. 

It brings physical benefits such as skin renewal, this is due to the origin and composition of the stone.

    Francisca Figueiredo