The bracelets are accessories that add a touch of style and personality to a man's image. You can find a wide variety of bracelet styles, but it's important to know which ones are trending so you can choose the ones that suit your style. In this article, we will cover the trending men's bracelets.


  1. Natural Stone Bracelets;
  2. Stainless Steel Bracelets;
  3. Bracelets with White Pearls;
  4. 925 Silver Bracelets;
  5. Nautical Bracelets;
  6. Bracelets with Pendants.

1. Natural Stone Bracelets

The natural stone bracelets are a big trend among men. This is a good option if you're looking to add a touch of color and texture to your wrist. The natural stone bracelets can be worn alone or you can add other bracelets to complement your look. These can be made of tiger's eye, hematite, onyx, and more. If you're seeking a casual and relaxed style, this type of bracelet is ideal for you.


2. Stainless Steel Bracelets

The stainless steel bracelets are accessories known for their durability and resistance. They have the advantage of not tarnishing, so they maintain a great condition over time and with use. The stainless steel bracelets come in a wide variety of designs to suit all tastes. Additionally, you have the option to choose bracelets in different colors such as silver, gold, and antique silver.


3. Bracelets with White Pearls

For many years, white pearl bracelets were associated with women's fashion, but men have started to embrace this style. The white pearl bracelets are very popular and can complement all your outfits. They are timeless pieces that never go out of fashion. During the summer season, these bracelets stand out against your tanned skin, making your look very attractive.


4. 925 Silver Bracelets

Regarding the 925 silver bracelets, they have a natural shine that catches the attention of anyone due to their nearly white color. These bracelets are sought after by men. The 925 silver bracelets can be worn at any time of the year, thanks to the tone of the silver, whether it's summer or winter. At Dicci, you can find a variety of silver bracelets that cater to all tastes.


5. Nautical Bracelets

The nautical bracelets have been around for many years and are always in style. They evoke a sense of freedom and connection to the sea. The nautical bracelets are ideal for those seeking a more relaxed and simple style. These bracelets are available in different tones and fabrics.


6. Bracelets with Pendants

The bracelets with pendants are another major trend for men, and you can find them in gold and silver tones. Typically, pendants represent religious symbols or lucky charms. It's important to choose a bracelet with a pendant that holds meaning for you and resonates with your identity.


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In short, you should choose the bracelets that resonate with you, reflecting your personal style, and, above all, you need to feel comfortable with what you're wearing. 😊

Priscilla Abreu