Braccialetto Nile

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Un braccialetto in corda nautica ispirato alla bellezza del fiume Nilo. Un braccialetto nautico con un sicuro e imponente fermaglio in acciaio inossidabile. Scopri i nostri modelli di braccialetti nautici qui.

Composizione: Fermaglio in acciaio inossidabile e corda in poliestere.
Larghezza: 0,5 cm.
Colori: Nero, Verde, Grigio, Blu e Beige.
Fatto a mano - Su misura - Realizzato in Portogallo.

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Guida alle dimensioni

Ti consigliamo di misurare il tuo polso con un metro e aggiungere almeno 1,2 cm di differenza. In questo modo, otterrai la misura ideale per il tuo braccialetto.

Come misurare il tuo polso:

how to measure a wrist

Consiglio: Se hai già un altro braccialetto sarà più facile misurare il braccialetto stesso.

Cavigliera regolabile

Se scegli questa misura, significa che il tuo braccialetto verrà fornito con una misura alla caviglia, con alcune maglie in più per poter regolare la misura. Vedi l'esempio dei seguenti braccialetti:

anklet bracelets

Guida alla cura

Our nautical bracelets are made with stainless steel clasps and polyester or polypropylene or nylon cords, depending on the design you are choosing. You can confirm the composition in the description of your product.

As for the steel clasp, as we already explained in the stainless stell care guide, you can rest assured that it is unlikely to change its appearance with normal use of the bracelet.

As for the nautical cords, taking into account that they can be likened to garments, you will have to consider that certain practices can tarnish your bracelet.

Our recommendations:

  • Just like a garment, nautical bracelets are also water resistant. However, they are not free from staining with hard to remove stains, so avoid getting your bracelet dirty.
  • Clean water washes off the bracelet, dirty water on the contrary will stain it. Before diving with your bracelet, make sure you are not entering water with substances that can stain the bracelet. If it's not safe for your clothes, it's not safe for your bracelet either.
  • The more you avoid damaging your bracelet, the longer it will keep looking like new. If you are a fan of old and worn looking products, you don't have to worry. On the contrary, if you like to cherish your products and preserve the new look, avoid wetting, staining, and give your bracelet a weekly cleaning.
  • We advise you to clean your bracelet at least once a week. Using a damp cloth and a small amount of detergent, rinse the wristband. Then remove the detergent from the wristband with clean water and let the wristband dry.

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