When it comes to buying a ring either for yourself or as a gift, one of the biggest challenges is knowing the right size. Adjustable rings are beautiful, sophisticated pieces of jewellery with a premium finish just like all other jewellery. However, they have advantages that make them a special accessory.

Why you should buy an adjustable ring for yourself

To buy an adjustable ring, you don't need to know the size of the girth or diameter of your finger.
As we talked about in the previous article, each person has a measurement for each finger (left hand is different from right hand). Adjustable rings are super flexible accessories as they allow you to use them on different fingers. So, you can create a different style according to the occasion. After all, we all have days when we want to have a more discreet look and others when we prefer to be more irreverent.
Certain hours of the day or certain climates cause the hands to dilate. At these times, when the ring begins to put pressure on the finger, you just have to adjust it. I think we have all had the experience of feeling difficulty when taking off a ring. Since a ring has an opening in the rim, removing it at these times becomes easier.

Why you should give an adjustable ring

If you want to offer a ring to someone but you have doubts about the finger size, the best solution is to bet on the adjustable rings. This way, the person can adjust the gift according to their preferences and play with other rings they already have to get the style they want.


Ring Mix

Adjustable rings allow you to create a much wider variety of looks. They're great for doing a ring mix on both hands - or on one, if you prefer. In other words, a ring on each finger. So, you just have to find your favourite model from our collection, adjust it to the finger you want and that's it! The next day, you can wear it on another finger and try another combination without any discomfort!


Ana Pinto