Buying a ring online that fits you perfectly doesn't have to be mission impossible. The ring needs to be tight enough to not fall off, yet it needs to be handily enough to slip over the knuckles of your finger. Take into consideration that all your fingers are different sizes (left hand is different from right hand) and the time of the day and weather can affect your measurements. In the morning, when it is cold, fingers are smaller and when the weather is very hot, fingers dilate.

When should you measure your fingers? Evening is the best time but it is always good to measure your fingers at different times. If you are undecided between two sizes, opt for the bigger one.

How to measure the ring size? We bring you two alternatives to choose quickly, easily and safely the size of your ring.


Measure a ring you already have (inside)

  • Choose a ring that fits the finger you want to buy a new one for.
  • Measure the inside diameter of the ring with a straight line (as pictured).
  • Use the table above to determine the size of the ring you want.

  • whatringsizeami

    Measure your finger

  • Wrap a string or a paper strip around the finger where you would like to wear the ring.
  • Make sure the string or paper strip is snug around your finger.
  • Mark the string or paper strip where they meet and measure the distance with a ruler (cm).
  • Use the chart to determine your measurement.

  • Important observations: if the knuckle of your finger is larger than the base, take the measurement from both parts and select a size between the two.
    Alternatively, there are adjustable rings that allow you to adjust for a better fit.
    Now you can choose your ring wisely.

    Ana Pinto