Sometimes we find ourselves looking at the mirror in the morning before leaving the house to start the day and questioning “Is this too much?” “Am I wearing too much jewelry?”. 

We think that you can wear as many braceletsnecklaces and rings as you please. If that is what you like and that is your way to be authentic.

Jewelry is a reflection of your inner sparkle. Whether you prefer to go minimalistic and wear only staple pieces or if you want to wear bold rings, a lot of necklaces, bracelets and rings.

For some less is more, wearing a single necklace or a pair of earrings is enough to complete their look. For others, wearing a lot of rings, and layering necklaces is where the magic happens. It's about creating a visual story with your accessories, layer by layer, piece by piece. We are all different and have different tastes, so embrace who you are and the things you want to wear. 

It doesn’t matter the occasion, you can never go wrong with wearing some rings and earrings. Here at Dicci, we offer a diverse range of pieces suitable for every occasion, ensuring that you're always dressed to impress.

If you are a person who likes to mix and match, we have an idea for a look: the St Benedict Scapular Necklace in gold paired with the Raso Silver Necklace; when it comes to rings wear the Calisto ring, the Nomads ring mixed with the Flat Top Golden ring and a lot of more rings!

Mixing gold and silver jewelry has become increasingly popular as a fashion trend, breaking away from traditional rules that once dictated jewelry should match. This blending of metals allows contrast when it comes to accessorizing and can create the best looks.

For a fact, this year’s trend is to wear too much jewellery. If you search for the looks of people who attended, for example, Copenhagen Fashion Week, you will notice that they were wearing necklaces over necklaces over necklaces. With this ascending trend of layering necklaces, people can create unique combinations of textures, lengths, and designs, adding depth and interest to their outfits.

So, the next time you find yourself wondering if you're wearing too much jewellery, remember this: there's no such thing. Wear what speaks to you, what makes you feel beautiful and confident. Whether it's a single delicate chain or an armful of bangles, let your jewelry be an extension of your personality and style.


We can’t wait to see the amazing looks that you create with a lot of jewelry or not, we are sure you will look amazing regardless of your choice. Be confident!


Moisés Teixeira
Tagged: Dicci fashion