Looking at current tendencies, we can see that natural stones are becoming very popular in the world of accessories. Bracelets with this type of material can have a number of meanings and benefits. In this blog we'll give you 5 reasons why you should have a natural stone bracelet in your collection.


1. Wearing stone bracelets has many benefits

Natural stones are much more than just pretty, shiny and colorful stones that you can wear on your wrist as an accessory. They have many different properties that are believed to have healing powers and transmit energies. These types of bracelets are increasingly present in our daily lifes, not only because of their appearance but also because of the beneficial qualities they can add to our daily lifes.

Stones have an effect on our emotional well-being and each stone is associated with specific emotions. Tiger's Eye is a great example. It is known as the "Stone of Courage" and has a golden-brown color with a striped pattern that reminds us of a tiger's eye. It is believed to have very powerful properties that promote courage, strength, confidence, balance and harmony. Among both men and women, tiger's eye bracelets are highly prized and can be worn either as an accessory or as a spiritual amulet, where they are most often combined with other bracelets and accessories for a layered and textured look.


2. Easily combined with other accessories

The design of natural stone bracelets, despite being quite simple, can become the main attraction of a set of accessories. Each natural stone has its own personality, and combined with silver or gold accessories, or simply with other natural stones, they will amplify and take on a completely different image.




3. Has a significant cultural past

Natural stones have been used in jewelry for thousands of years, so much so that there is evidence that natural stones and crystals were used as early as 3,000 B.C. and initially served as materials for construction and decoration. Gradually, they took on a role in the creation of accessories. In ancient Egypt, for example, the ancients believed that this type of material had healing powers, and so they were widely used as amulets. Today, many people still believe in their healing properties, and they are given unique meanings, such as luck, love, energy purification and protection.


4. Each stone is unique

Stones, when natural, are extracted directly from the earth and are carefully treated to form part of a possible accessory. As such, even if we try to compare two stones, apparently the same and with the same cut, we will realize that the two will be different. This is the result of the formation mechanism of these gems inside rocks, which happens completely randomly and naturally. Furthermore, when these gems are handcrafted, they will presumably possess even more different and rare characteristics, which makes these bracelets even more special and unique.


5. They are durable and resistant materials

Made from this type of material, bracelets are extra durable and resistant. Materials such as quartz, combined with stainless steel, are a great example of robustness and resistance to scratches, and nothing better to exemplify this than our Canyon Bracelet, which is made from 316L stainless steel, tiger's eye, lapis lazuli, green agate and jasper.

Despite their resistance, some stones are sensitive to chemicals, so it's essential to protect them against corrosive substances. However, as far as water is concerned, most stones are completely waterproof. As far as maintenance is concerned, natural stone bracelets don't require much care, apart from occasional cleaning with warm water and a soft cloth.


Moisés Teixeira
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