Life is an adventure and with these TOP 5 - DICCI accessories you'll remember to enjoy your journey. You will find chains to combine with other necklaces or even to wear individually, upgrading your style.


Have you ever thought of combining design with faith? Get to know the Mykonos Thin necklace with two pendants, the St. Benedict's pendant pays tribute to the patron saint of Europe, while the cross is recognised around the world for representing sacrifice.

mykonos thin

Compass is the example of a necklace that lets you chart your own destiny with the compass pendant. Apart from the stainless steel chains, the Wind Rose silver chain, apart from being incredible, is one of the symbols of navigation and represents the right course, the considered decision, the best choice, also referring to luck and good winds. This piece allows you to wear it alone or even combining it with another necklace.

compass necklace

wind rose necklace

A best-selling icon is our Egyptian civilisation-inspired bracelet that allows you to combine it with all styles for those starting out in the world of jewellery. Along with the chains and the bracelet, the silver Celebes ring is a must-have for anyone who challenges their everyday style! Available in gold and silver it is an Indonesian styled ring that you can combine with various others, but remember, the most important thing is to be yourself.

celebes ring

Egypt bracelet

Hopefully your journey will be a long one. Combine and mix and match accessories!

Ana Pinto