Often the doubt arises of how to combine the watch with the outfit we are going to wear, even more when we like fashion and are always aware of our style on a daily basis. More and more we are realising that watches are not just for showing the time, each model reveals something about the personality of each person, a good choice attracts looks and draws attention to the chosen outfit!

classic dicci watch

Classic Model

If we think of a formal style, a classic and minimalist model fits to sophisticate and harmonise your look. Our Positano model inspired by the Italian coast will make your look young and elegant by its simplicity and at the same time will make your outfit complete. This model allows you to wear it either with a black stainless steel bracelet or with a black or brown leather strap, the ease of quick change combines with the hustle and bustle of your day and makes it versatile. We can also add that by wearing this watch model you are combining urban and minimalist looks which adds modernity!

Classic dicci watch

Modern Model 

For those looking for a watch model that fits a modern style we propose our Heritage 40 and Classic models. Its minimalist lines, high quality materials and undeniable precision make it an irresistible watch to accompany you on a daily basis. The diversity of colours on the dial makes it match the colours you choose for your look. We suggest wearing this model on those days when you are looking for discretion but at the same time a striking and authentic style.

Approaching the festive season of Christmas we consider that the watch will always be a good gift option, believe that whoever receives it will find it useful, timeless and diverse!

heritage dicci watch

Classic dicci watch

Ana Pinto