In the world of jewelry and accessories, the rules are unclear and unwritten, which has allowed people to create their own individual and personalized style, mixing colors and patterns in order to wear the two shades, silver and golden, simultaneously. Perhaps, a few years ago, it may have been considered a fashion faux pas, but nowadays it is the most common thing when it comes to fashion.

Men jewelry in gold and silver

To help you combine your Dicci jewelry, we have prepared a few tips that you won't want to miss:

  1. Focus on the main areas that are considered "central" for placing your accessories: neck, wrist, ears, and fingers. You don't need to place in all of these areas, but when we talk about mixing color tones, placing in all areas allows you to become more visually appealing. Try to mix Dicci necklaces so that they have an overlapping effect, but they should not be mixed completely as they will end up losing their highlight. Choose to place one longer than the other and vary the rings, between thinner and wider ones.By testing different combinations you get more visual interest, which makes your posture more confident!women jewelry in golden and silver
  2. Although mixing gives more visual interest, we should opt for balance when mixing, especially silver and metallic tones, we should be careful with the number of pieces we use, because wearing a gold necklace and the rest of the pieces in silver could be a mistake. If you prefer bracelets, wear one or two of your favorite shades instead of fearing  the mix and ending up using only one tone, and finish your look with a ring. Mix your Dicci accessories throughout your look to achieve a cohesive look.
  3. You should always think about the tone of each piece. Different accessories communicate different tones. If you think for example of a steel necklace with pendant, you can make your look more casual and youthful, while a necklace of natural stones or pearls can make your look more refined!

Another suggestion we have for you is to complement your accessories with your skin type! If you consider yourself to have a warmer skin, silver and dark tones favor your look more, while lighter tones, such as gold are good allies for cooler skin tones.

Catarina Azevedo