One of the main reasons for embracing this trend is the natural beauty of the stones. Each stone has a specific energy and meaning, and by wearing them you can take full advantage of their natural benefits (you can see each one here).

In addition, natural stone bracelets are versatile accessories that can be worn with both casual and elegant looks.
To wear these bracelets in style, you need to combine them with special attention. We'll give you some tips, but the most important thing is that you feel they suit your personality and make sense to you!

  • There is no rule, but many people choose to wear their bracelets on the arm that is least used for daily life, for greater comfort and practicality. However, the most important thing is to choose the arm you feel most comfortable and confident with. Thinner wrists look good with more discreet, thin bracelets. Larger wrists, on the other hand, look better with bracelets that are proportional to the size of the forearm.

  • To create a harmonious look, you need to take into account the colors of your clothes, accessories also end up being part of the look. Outfits with more neutral tones can be completed with more colorful bracelets. On the contrary, if you opt for a bolder look, you can choose more discreet stone bracelets.

  • When it comes to matching other accessories, there are no rules either, but you can take a few tips into consideration. If, for example, you want the bracelets to stand out, opt for simpler necklaces and earrings. Pay attention to the rings, they should be in harmony with the set of bracelets you choose. Don't be afraid to mix it up and show your style and personality through your accessories.


Fashion is constantly evolving, and natural stone bracelets are no exception. New styles and designs are emerging all the time, so keep an eye on our news to make sure you're always updated. 

Francisca Figueiredo