It is with great joy and excitement that we finally share this news with you! After 7 years of this incredible journey, full of dedication, hard work and sweat, always with the main goal of delivering and providing you with the best experiences, we are proud to finally be able to share with all of you that Dicci is opening its first physical store!


It's been a long journey, a real rollercoaster, full of various challenges and, above all, great learning. Founded in the digital environment, Dicci has always tried to convey that it is a symbol of youth and irreverent inspiration when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. We will continue to work hard to guarantee you the highest quality standards, boost the expansion of our brand and provide you with new and better shopping experiences, but now in person, with more identity and personality.
The idea for the opening came about after we realized that digital platforms were being too limiting for us, as we were unable to express and communicate our full essence as a brand through digital means alone. This space was conceived and idealized, not only to reflect our true essence, but also to allow us to be closer to all our customers, thus creating another type of connection with all of you. We will focus on continuing to offer you good shopping experiences, even more so now that you will be able to see and try out all our products whenever you want.


Thank you in advance for being part of this extraordinary journey. We look forward to welcoming you to our new location.

After much analysis, we decided that the best location had to take into account a number of factors, in order to provide you with the greatest ease of access within our reach. So the heart of the city of Porto was the area we chose. Located opposite Casa da Música, on the vibrant Avenida da Boavista, we will be surrounded by an atmosphere of culture and sophistication, ready to get you on board with this new era of Dicci. The store will be located at 641 Avenida da Boavista.


Finally, that dream is about to come true and we want you to be present at our inauguration, not only to see our new store, but also to be part of this new stage that will surely be an important milestone in Dicci's history. We express our sincere gratitude and hope that you will be able to attend our opening on April 6th.
This whole journey wouldn't have been possible without you!


This new era is just beginning and you won't want to miss a thing...

See you soon in our store!
Moisés Teixeira