Jewelry is so important for a lot of people so figuring out how they are made and just how special they are is very important. This allows us to understand the prices they have and why it is labeled as ‘expensive’. Some people choose their outfits, makeup and more based on the jewellery they are wearing. It has a side of status that can not be denied and a lot of us use jewellery to make a statement. It is also worth mentioning the fashion side of jewellery. We see the biggest celebrities covered in jewellery and when and if we check the prices of the items they are wearing we almost can't be believe them.

There are many reasons jewellery can be perceived as expensive. And don't get us wrong, some pieces are actually very high-priced but we also have to understand what goes through and the proccess it takes to make one single piece of jewellery.

At DICCI, every piece is hand crafted in order to make them unique and appealing. They are made for you and because of you. We always try to keep in mind the trends of the moment while maintaining the classic and chic side in each of the pieces we design. 

Some examples of this is our famous Holy Spirit Necklace - Bali silver chain with pendant of Holy Spirit. This is a double engraved religious pendant with the engraving of the prayer 'Veni Sancte Spiritus' which means 'Come Holy Spirit' in Latin. This necklace can be perceived as expensive because of the size of this pendant and the shine of the chain itself. But, if we take into consideration that it was hand made, like every one of our pieces, and that it is made from silver, a somewhat rare material we can understand the pricing on it. 

Made from 925 silver, it is an item that can be worth more of your money than others, and we will explain why:

Sterling Silver is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. Pure Silver is impractical as it is too soft to give shape and use, making Sterling Silver the highest quality Silver used in jewelry.
Sterling Silver naturally tarnishes over time, as the other 7.5% of other metals, such as copper, react to air. Perfumes, hair spray, hand gel, perspiration, etc. accelerate tarnishing. 925 silver is not advisable for everyone, since the PH of the skin varies from person to person and in some cases silver oxidizes faster, which requires more maintenance. If you want a material that does not oxidize, stainless steel is the right choice.

Lucky for you, we have some beautiful stainless steel pieces for you to check out:

Woven Ring, This ring with handmade braided woven details has a design for those who want to stand out and feel exclusive in a crowd. Made with 316L stainless steel, is ideal so you can wear it in your everyday life. A classic that you should have in your set. 


In conclusion, the price of jewelry really depends on what you are buying, where you are buying it and when. Of course some rarer materials are going to be more expensive than others because they exist in fewer quantities, the law of offer and demand... Geography is also a big factor since for exemple in India, silver can be perceived and is a really expensive metal because they have to import it, while in Europe, it tends to be a less extravagant thing, although only afforded by middle and upper middle class.

 DICCI can help you find YOUR pieces ;)


Moisés Teixeira