Staking rings the correct way is key to achieve a statement and irreverent look and it’s a great way of self-expression. 

If you want to start stacking your rings but are not sure where to start, you have come to the right place. There are no specific rules, and you should always wear what you like but here are some tips you can follow to achieve a balanced look.


Start with a statement ring: build your stack around a bold center piece. This can be a bigger size ring or a ring with characteristics that make it an eye catcher, making a fashion statement. Some examples of a statement ring are for example, our golden stainless steel ring with black stone or our stainless steel Caesar ring. With a statement ring you can keep the combinations simple, by just adding a simple ring to go with or you can elaborate it more depending on the look you are going for.



Wear a range of styles and shapes: You can combine different styles and shapes. You can also add rings with meaning like the Eyes of Horus ring or Helios ring.



Play around with texture and width: you can mix plane and simple rings with others more detailed. It’s also good to stack rings with different widths, some wither and others thinner, in order to create a balanced look. For example, our Nut ring and Nut Slim ring or our Celebes ring if you are looking for texture and width.



Stack rings on both hands: when you stack rings, make sure you put a few on each hand. Many rings on one hand and none on the other can result in an unbalanced effect. Try to wear a similar and moderate number of rings to achieve a harmonized look.


Keep at least one finger empty: having all fingers stacked with rings can look overwhelming, it’s important to remember that less is more. For example, some people like to opt for a ring on one finger and stacking a couple on another one leaving an empty finger in between. Other option is having rings on three fingers next to each other and leaving the other two empty.



Now it’s time for you to experiment and try stacking rings until you achieve the desired look. Here at Dicci we have many options you don’t want to miss in your collection.


Raquel Couto