If you are looking for a matching ring with your loved one, you came to the right place. Here at Dicci we have a variety of unisex jewelry to match your preferences on style, material, and color.

Couple rings are a beautiful way of expressing your love and commitment to one another in a unique and special way.

If you are wondering which material to choose, you should definitely consider stainless steel. It’s an incredibly durable material, comfortable and light on your finger, doesn’t tarnish or rust, and is more affordable that other materials. If you are interested in learning more about stainless steel, you can check our post about it here.

You should choose a ring that matches your style and personality. If you and your partner have similar tastes, you could opt for the same ring for both of you. Here are some of our suggestions.




In case you and your special one have different tastes, you could choose rings that are similar but with some differences, for example, the same ring but one of them being in silver and the other one golden. Or you can opt for completely different styles because the important is the meaning that the ring holds for both of you. Here are our suggestions.



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Raquel Couto